SALT aims to become the largest in the Nordic region for COBOL educations

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SALT sets its sights on becoming the leader in COBOL training in the Nordics

SALT – The leading Tech Talent Incubator in the Nordics, today announces its strategic partnership with Semstecy to become the foremost player in COBOL and Mainframe education in the Nordic region.

COBOL today

In an era where new programming languages and technologies are constantly introduced, COBOL continues to be crucial in many companies’ core systems and legacy applications, especially in industries such as banking and insurance.

Collaboration with Semstecy

The challenge for many companies is the aging workforce in COBOL development and the shortage of new talents in the field. To address this gap, SALT is now partnering with Semstecy, specialists in tailored COBOL and Mainframe educations.

“SALT is proud to team up with Semstecy to strengthen our position as the leading Tech Talent Incubator in the Nordics. Through this partnership, we will offer comprehensive COBOL education and Mainframe knowledge to address industry needs,”
– Richard Andemark, founder and CEO of SALT.

Semstecy, expert in the field

Semstecy has established itself as an expert in the field, and their tailored training programs enable companies to secure competent personnel to maintain and modernize their older systems.

“We choose to collaborate with SALT because they share our perspective on learning and how to create the best possible conditions for future system developers. Together, we can make COBOL and Mainframe education more accessible. We are proud and excited about this partnership and look forward to fruitful cooperation for many years to come,” says
– Fanny Hedlund, founder and education leader at Semstecy.

This spring, twelve people will start the first COBOL training program at one of the largest insurance companies in Sweden. SALT and Semstecy will launch a series of education programs, including Mainframe-light and COBOL-light, tailored to customers’ specific needs.

About SALT:

SALT is a leading Tech Talent Incubator in the Nordic region that upskills coders into professional software developers.

About Semstecy:

Semstecy specializes in tailored education programs in COBOL and Mainframe. With experience and expertise, they help companies secure competent personnel and optimize their older systems for a future-proof IT environment.

For more information, please contact:

Björn Grafman
Sales & Partnership COBOL
+46 725 20 4004

Tel: 072 587 09 73

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