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Apply to our accelerated career program based in Stockholm to become a Full Stack Developer and get a job within our hiring network of companies. Download our Career Pack for more information!

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How to Become a Professional 
Software Developer at SALT

1. Remote Pre-course
(4 weeks)
Salt developers
2. On-campus boot camp
(13 weeks)
3. Post Graduate Program
(0-3 months)
5. Full-time employment
4. Paid Consultancy year


We are looking for flexible and solution-oriented team players who want to accelerate quickly in their coding career by applying both your technical and soft skills in the consultancy role. What is unique about SALT is that the program allows hobby coders to fast-track a career within development, it is therefore not required to have previously worked within tech. 

The requirements to be eligible are:

SALT is recruiting motivated coders with a passion for programming. We are looking for flexible and solution-oriented team players who want to accelerate quickly in their coding career.

What we are looking for:

  • You have been coding consistently for the last 4 months ≈ 15 hours per week
  • You have prior work experience collaborating with others in a team
  • Fluency in written and spoken English (the teaching language is English)
  • Hold a valid work permit for at least two years from the training start date
  • That you are permanently located in or nearby Stockholm (the training is held on-site and can not be conducted remotely)

SALT gives dedicated individuals the opportunity to study

Software Development for 3 months in Stockholm. Teaching you theory is just the base, our instructors will coach you how to work in a real life agile development team and how to deliver working software for real technology companies during.

Once you have successfully completed the 3 months training you are ready to launch your career as a software developer.  SALT rocket launches your career in tech.

  • Send in your application and explain why you are the passionated hobby coder we are looking for.
  • Make it through our recruitment process: Application & Resumé, tests, phone interview, group interview and a final workshop.
  • A free 3 month full-time coding education.
  • Upon graduation we get you a consultant position within our client network.
  • After doing a kick-ass job for 12 months, the intention is that you will be employed at your new company.

SALT’s developers are highly skilled, but also make great team members.

Our Full-Stack Developers are skilled in both technical and soft skills. They are trained to work in teams with people of different backgrounds & experiences, possessing effective communication and collaboration skills. This allows them to work professionally and creatively with clients, stakeholders, and team members from diverse departments.

  • We train all our developers to perform great in teams
  • We highly value social interaction and communication
  • We equip our developers with technical and presentation skills
  • Our developers are highly effective from day one
  • Our developers are from diverse backgrounds
  • Our developers are working at high profile companies
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