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What SALT has done for Sensys Gatso

Sensys Gatso has been a customer of SALT for a year now and has brought in five developers from SALT, three in Sweden and two in the Netherlands.
Customer case

Sensys Gatso talking about SALT

"I wouldn't call them junior developers. They are certainly new to the profession, but they usually have a relevant background in another profession. They have been working with software development on a hobby level for several years."
Pär Degerman
CTO at Sensys Gatso Group AB
Customer case
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Read more about what we have done for Sensys Gatso and how we did it.

When Pär Degerman, CTO at Sensys Gatso, took over, he discovered early on that they had a significant recruitment need. It soon became clear to Pär that it is not so easy to attract skilled developers who partly deliver on companies’ high demands on the technology stack.

“We have high requirements and seek the same developers as Spotify and But since not many people know about us, it becomes challenging to find the right people, so we contacted SALT.”

Pär chose to bring in three developers who had completed SALT’s career program in JavaScript. Despite coming in during intensive times, they quickly settled into the work and became productive. Pär describes that in addition to their technical knowledge, they also left their mark on the company’s work processes by applying the methodology they learned from SALT.

“They came in immediately and started solving problems in so-called “mobs” and showed everyone else how effective the working method was. In addition to the technical competence of the developers, this was a significant positive effect of bringing in the developers from SALT. It was much more efficient for us to modernize our way of working in that way than to bring in an expensive consultant.”

Sensys Gatso aims to save lives by changing motorists’ driving behaviors. An ambitious mission places high demands on hardware and software – and, not least, staff competence. For Pär Degerman, it is essential that the developers have a modern way of working and that they can come in and deliver quickly. Something that has turned out well with the newly graduated full-stack developers from SALT.

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