Customer case

What SALT has done for Telness

When Telness came in contact with SALT, the development team consisted of only a handful of developers. Jonas Cedenwing, CTO at Telness, wanted to lay the foundation for his future development team by hiring developers in-house.
Customer case

Telness talking about SALT

"Our SALT developers have gotten started impressively fast and are performing above expectations"
Jonas Cedenwing
Co-founder & CEO at Telness Tech
Customer case
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A large part of Telness’ success lies in their strong customer focus and close collaboration between sales, customer service and the development team. Feedback from customers is quickly transformed into new features.

“By collaborating with SALT, we were able to quickly meet developers who have gone through their solid selection process and whose expertise has been verified in the very technologies we work with. It is important that the developers have an understanding of the business and the problems that we are trying to solve with the help of code. We are looking for unpretentious individuals who thrive in a changing environment where self-leadership and cooperation are required both within the team and with other parts of the organization. We have found that through SALT”.

Since April 2020, Charlotte Curran and Alexander Erni, two developers who have completed SALT’s Full Stack JavaScript career program, have been working in a small team of six people. Jonas had a clear plan for the onboarding so that the developers would get a good sense of Telness’ development environment and start working independently in a smooth way.

“I have to say that both have started impressively fast and are performing above expectations. We have an appreciated and efficient onboarding process that has made them start running their own projects at an early stage and deliver value to the entire organization.”

The plan for Telness is to continue to grow and develop its offering through a completely new business line. In future, the company’s technical platform will be sold to telecommunications companies through a SaaS solution.

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