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What SALT has done for Ubiquiti

In late 2019 the technology company Ubiquiti Inc, a global manufacturer of wireless data communication products, opened their new R&D office in Stockholm, Sweden. With a plan to grow the team rapidly, their need for skilled software engineers was immediate.
Customer case

Ubiquiti talking about SALT

"We want to form our developers, and that requires a hunger to learn and improve. The developers from SALT embody these traits."
Kristaps Rikans
Regional Managing Director at Ubiquiti
Customer case
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Read more about what we have done for Ubiquiti and how we did it.

Kristaps Rikans, Regional Managing Director at Ubiquiti in Europe, was introduced to SALT and saw potential in partnering up.

“The technologies SALT uses in their career programme fits our tech stack well, and I saw an opportunity to hire skilled developers at a high pace in order to scale the new team.”

Kristaps invited a handful of developers from SALT to complete a code test to benchmark their technical skills with other recruitments. He was impressed with the results and decided to take on three of them. Since then Ubiquiti’s Stockholm branch has grown considerably and has become an established R&D-unit within the company.

“We’ve hired a substantial number of developers from SALT since the initial three and I’m happy to say that the performance of the team in Stockholm is on par with the best performing R&D-units in our company.”

One thing Kristaps appreciates with SALT is that drive and motivation are main criteria for being accepted into the programme and dedication and perseverance are required to graduate.

“At Ubiquiti we prefer to hire individuals with a specific mindset. Seniority sometimes comes with less flexibility. We want to form our developers, and that requires a hunger to learn and improve. The developers from SALT embody these traits.”

Ubiquiti’s success as a company can be attributed to several factors. One of them is their laser-like focus on building meaningful features for their products at a rapid pace.

“We expect our engineers to build things that add real value and at speed. This also applies to new developers joining our company. Our on-boarding is quick and as a new developer we expect you to deliver more or less right away. Our pace has never been an issue for our SALT hires who are trained in finding solutions through cooperation in teams.”

The ambitions for the R&D-office in Stockholm are big and Kristaps and his team are constantly on the lookout for talent, both juniors and seniors.

“We keep growing and we plan to continue our strategic partnership with SALT as long as the engineers live up to our expectations.”

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