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In late 2019 the technology company Ubiquiti Inc, a global manufacturer of wireless data communication products, opened their new R&D office in Stockholm, Sweden. With a plan to grow the team rapidly, their need for skilled software engineers was immediate.


With our strong reputation, Klarna has no trouble attracting new developers. The challenge lies in evaluating the candidates' competencies.


When Telness came in contact with SALT, the development team consisted of only a handful of developers. Jonas Cedenwing, CTO at Telness, wanted to lay the foundation for his future development team by hiring developers in-house.

Sensys Gatso

Sensys Gatso has been a customer of SALT for a year now and has brought in five developers from SALT, three in Sweden and two in the Netherlands.


eBerry is the technology department of Nordic Choice Hotels (Strawberry), one of the leading hotel chains in the Nordics and Baltics, with over 200 hotels.

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SALT is addressing the shortage of technology professionals in Europe by offering accelerated career programs consisting of education and fully paid work experience.

Our passion is to help self-taught coders transition into skilled Full-Stack Developers.

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