Sunified's technology digitises solar, making every solar panel a smart panel. With their miniature UNITY deeptech sensor hardware embedded into PV panels, Sunified is set to revolutionise how green electricity connects and transacts with the world.

About Sunified

Sunified is a company founded with a purpose to connect the world to the wealth of renewable energy. They are creating a platform and technology that allows solar stakeholders, operators, financiers, and insurers to gain real-time data from PV panels to make profitable decisions.

Sunified's relationship with SALT

Since summer 2023, Sunified has been working with SALT. Leon Gerard Vandenberg, director of Sunified, has brought in one developer from SALT who is responsible for envisioning, building and maintaining the technology stack of Sunified's platform.

"It's very hard to hire out of university where people do not have that industry experience. And we need to be able to have them be productive in the first week or two - once they understand our industry setting and the problem that we're trying to solve. So it was very good to find someone that had that industry quotient and that skill set so that they could get started early."

Moving Sunified forward

Leon mentioned that the most important skill a developer should have is the ability to move the company forward to production, all while relying on a technology stack ready to deliver and support Sunified's platform. Furthermore, a value that Leon holds up high is when a developer is also capable of engaging with customers.

"Innovation is messy and getting the right team dynamic and finding our fit with the right customers is also hard." says Leon Vandenberg. "So we need developers that can help us solve those problems, engage with the customer, be customer focused and understand that as well."

Hire a full-stack developer under flexible terms

During the hiring process, it became clear that it would be beneficial for Sunified to engage under more flexible terms. We came to an agreement and were able to successfully round up the process and place a full-stack developer with the right skills and mindset to take Sunified to the next level.

"SALT helped us find the right developer at the right time. They were flexible with an engagement model that allowed us to execute our business plan. We chose a developer and we're very happy with the relationship with SALT."

Sunified's purpose

Sunified's purpose is to connect the world to the wealth of renewable energy. As SALT, we aspire to keep contributing to Sunified's development team and enrich the company with people sharing the mindset and the goals set out by Leon and his management team.

The logo of Sunified in orange font set against a backdrop of a solar panel field during sunset. The image is very yellow tinted.
Profile picture of Leon Gerard Vandenberg, the director of Sunified.

Leon Gerard Vandenberg

Director at Sunified

"SALT was flexible with an engagement model that allowed us to execute our business plan.
We're very happy with the relationship with SALT."


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