After completing and passing the training, our developers are productive full-stack developers focusing on web and mobile development. What they learn will always be adapted to the market and demand, and they will always be drilled in the latest technologies. Here are some of the skills our developers learn at </salt>
    General principles of development
  • Agile development
  • Scrum
  • Mob programming
  • TDD
  • DevOps
  • Rest API
  • Working in teams
    General development tools
  • Docker
  • NPM
  • YARN
  • Webpack
  • Git
  • Mocha
  • Jest
  • Heroku
  • Linting
  • JavaScript/ES6
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • React
  • Redux
  • jQuery
  • DOM programming
  • Bootstrap
  • Modern CSS
  • Node
  • Express
  • Hapi
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Rest API
  • Handlebars/Markdown
  • Command line
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Social responsibility

From diversity we can hand-pick the best

The tough requirements to get into </salt> are the same for everyone. This has meant that there is a greater diversity of our developers compared to most companies. Our 30 developers normally represent 12-15 nationalities and 40+ percent are women.


We who founded </salt> are ourselves a part of the tech industry. Koshi Hamedi, one of the co-founders, built up the global 3D company Donya Labs which was acquired by Microsoft in 2017. A success story, absolutely, but at the same time, we have seen how the lack of developers is hampering the growth of companies that want to expand. </salt> is our way of doing something about the problem.

Koshi Hamedi

Director of strategy at Microsoft, Co-founder at </salt>

Founder of Donya Labs and Director of strategy at Microsoft. Koshi came to Sweden in the 80’s as a refugee. Through his entrepreneurial drive and determination, he built one of Sweden’s fastest growing technology companies and established the company as the global market leader. Donya Labs was acquired by Microsoft in 2017.

Marcus Hammarberg

Head of curriculum & agile coach at </salt>

In parallel with </salt> Marcus is an agile coach at Spotify. As a developer, Marcus contribute to open source frameworks and he has also produced several courses on JavaScript development for PluralSight, Marcus has also co-authored the book “Kanban In Action”. Marcus has worked at companies such as Tradera, Huawei and Spotify.

Richard Andemark

CEO at </salt>

At age 25 Richard launched a global SaaS company's operations in Finland as Managing Director, reaching profitability in just six months. At 29, Richard launched Donya Labs' American operations in San Francisco as GM, achieving exponential revenue growth and the company was acquired by Microsoft.

Nicole Henning

COO </salt>

Nicole is a people person with a passion for business and developing others! She has worked as a consultant within communication and leadership at several of Sweden's largest companies within tech and telecom. Most recently she comes from the recruitment industry. Core values for Nicole are teamwork, trust, ethics and that there’s always a reason to celebrate!

Max Hamedi

Professor at KTH & Harvard, Co-founder at </salt>

Postdoctorial research fellow at Harvard University & Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Our in-house doctor and professor scanning for future technologies, driving our efforts to provide the best applicable technology training possible.

Stina Johansson

Head of People & Talent at </salt>

Stina has a passion for people and developing new talents, employees and organisations! Before Stina worked as a consultant, project manager and with human resources. She has a long experience from the recruitment-, bank- and IT industry. Core values for Stina is curiosity, commitment, courage, professionalism and last but not least to have fun along the way.

Erşan Curuklu

UX instructor at </salt>

Erşan is a highly experienced requirements analyst and UX Designer with over 15 years of experience as a digital designer. Erşan is a teacher and lecturer in the UX area, for e.g. at Bergh's School of Communication in Stockholm. Erşan has won several awards in UX / UI, including Svenska Design Priset 2014 and Resumé 2014.

Sara Hjortmar

Sales & Marketing </salt>

Sara is an energetic and curious person who has a keen interest in startups. In the bag, Sara holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Uppsala University, where, in addition to her studies, she was active in corporate promotion organizations. Since then she has worked with marketing at Red Bull and most recently comes from the tech company Favro. When she is not working she loves to train and is currently performing a Swedish classic.

Lars Gribbe

Head instructor at </salt>

Lars is a passionate Full Stack developer who is always eager to learn new tech! He is specialized in JavaScript and frontend technologies. Previously he has been at companies such as Expressen, Edgeware and SAMI. Lars is a team player who will often take on a mentoring role in his teams and he is a pragmatic developer who highly values quality and agility.

Mies Mandoki Cirillo

Junior instructor at </salt>

Mies graduated from the first class of developers. He has a huge passion for the digital space and is always eager to learn new tech. Before , he was working with video editing, graphic design and was the main producer of a large ongoing video series. Mies is a calm, highly driven individual who firmly believes that coders are the superstars of the future.