"Emer has gotten into product development and our code base as fast as many senior programmers"

Oscar Ekholm, lead developer, Flowbox

Newly started Flowbox has taken the marketing industry by storm, thanks to its business concept with user-generated content. But the challenge of finding good programmers has been tremendous. When Oscar Ekholm, lead developer at Flowbox, heard about </salt>'s twelve-week training for programmers, the warning bells rang...

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"Joakim contributed already from day one"

Einar Andersson, CTO, Seenthis

When tech company Seenthis needed to strengthen its development team, Development Manager and CTO Einar Andersson received a tip about </salt>. He thought the training felt both relevant and up to date...

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"They did better than developers with similar training"

Peter Bergenwald, engineering director, Klarna

Thanks to Klarna's position as one of Sweden's most well-known brands, the interest is huge when junior developers seek their way out into the working world. But the large number of applications also places high demands on Klarna's selection processes...

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"It's great to have experience with teamwork"

Maria Luisa Leone has a university degree in language and literature. She had only heard about programming. Until she decided to move to Sweden and needed a strategy to enter the Swedish job market...

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