"Emer has got into product development and our code base as fast as many senior programmers"

The fast-growing tech company Flowbox was hesitant at first. Is it really possible to train developers in twelve weeks? Today, they pay tribute to the </salt> developer Emer and look forward to hiring her.

Newly started Flowbox has taken the marketing industry by storm, thanks to its business concept with user-generated content. But the challenge of finding good programmers has been great. When Oscar Ekholm, lead developer at Flowbox, heard about </salt> 's twelve-week programming for programmers, the first alarm bells rang.

– My experience with KY training is not very good. And if two-year training is not always enough to become a good programmer, how can three months be enough?

But Oscar Ekholm decided to give </salt> a chance. They interviewed two candidates. When one candidate was hired out to another company before Oscar Ekholm had the feedback, they quickly decided to hire the other.

– Emer was a bit of a wildcard. She came in as a front end developer, but didn't really have any prior knowledge beyond the education at </salt>. Yet she has become involved in product development and our code base as quickly as many senior programmers.

Oscar Ekholm is used to judge programmers. In addition to his work at Flowbox, he judges in the WorldSkills competition, which is described as a programming world championship. Compared to many programmers, Oscar Ekholm thinks that Emer's development curve is impressive.

– One explanation is that </salt> places high demands on students. Another is that they learn to cooperate. In reality, you rarely work individually as a programmer. It's a lot about teamwork and Emer's ability to contribute to the group really differentiates her from other junior programmers, says Oscar Ekholm.

Today, Emer is an important part of the team at Flowbox and Oscar Ekholm looks forward to being able to offer a permanent position when her twelve-month period as a consultant eventually expires.

– It doesn't always feel motivated to invest in consultants because we know that they will eventually disappear. But with </salt> you get the opportunity to fasten after one year. It is valuable.