"Joakim was a strong contributor from day one"

Seenthis was looking to recruit new programmers. Today, </salt> student Joakim has become an important part of the team at the company.

When tech company Seenthis needed to strengthen its team of programmers, Development Manager Einar Andersson heard about </salt> through his network. He thought the training felt both relevant and up to date.


– </salt> is a career program that keeps track of the latest trends in both web development and how to work agile. If we find someone who is trained directly in the frameworks and languages ​​we use, which is obviously great.

– Joakim is social and quickly became a natural part of the team. We were set to bring in a junior person that we would need to teach, but quickly realized that Joakim's skills were rather at the "intermediate" level.

Despite the short education, Joakim has shown very good programming skills and ability to solve technical problems.

– Thanks to his background as a technical project manager, he is methodical and can easily understand abstract problems. We are a small group and see it as very positive. Joakim has also been able to help us set up processes and working methods.

Einar Andersson appreciated the solid recruitment process, where </salt> spends a lot of time thinning out people with both logical capacity and social ability.

– The students are already at a certain level, so even if you do not know everything from the beginning, they are quick to learn, Joakim is proof that </salt> and their approach is effective.