• Does the developer require a lot of guidance from us as a client?

    The concept driving SALT is to minimize the time that hiring managers and members of the development team need to spend on hiring a junior developer. During our training, our developers are drilled in agile methods and working methods so that from day one they become a productive member of a development team - they can be assigned a ticket, and deliver. With the best instructors we could find in Northern Europe, we have managed to create agile ninjas with very good programming skills!

  • Is it really possible to train anyone to become a professional developer in just a few months?

    No, absolutely not. To succeed, you need a strong logical ability, the right background, and a strong personal motivation. In addition, you have to be a team player. That is why we have such a comprehensive recruitment process with a large number of tests and exercises. Of more than a thousand applications, only 30 people finally get the chance.

  • Can you reserve developers before they have completed their training?

    Yes! To be sure you get developers, we write a 'letter of intent' for the number of developers you want. As they approach graduation day, you will get to meet developers for interview and then decide who or whom you want to recruit to your teams.

  • Is it possible to terminate the agreement if it did not work out as we thought?

    Absolutely, we always have a mutual notice period of one month.