The boy from Karachi who became a Google Developers Expert and a “Techfluencer”

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Meet Ahsan – one of our Saltie´s

He is also an author, a former Klarna Engineer, and a SALT Head Instructor. Ahsan’s resume is impressively long, which makes us extra proud to call him a Saltie.

Where are you from? Age? Family?

I’m originally from Karachi, Pakistan. I have my amazing parents, a younger brother and younger sister, an awesome wife, and a lovely son.

What do you do at SALT?

I’m the Head Instructor of the JavaScript track & a Software Architect at SALT. I mentor developers on a daily basis as they go through this rigorous bootcamp and they polish their skill set as Full Stack JS developers. I also maintain SALT’s internal web projects and their architecture.

What did you do before SALT?

I’ve been coding for a decade as a frontend-focused full-stack software engineer. Before SALT, I worked as a Software Architect at Syncron and Modus Create whereas I worked as a senior software engineer at Klarna.

When did you first learn to code?

I believe I was in 6th grade when I got admission to an institute that taught C++. Even though I didn’t continue coding until I was in 9th grade (computer science major).

Tell us about your work outside of SALT

I’m an Author of a world-wide published book (the Angular Cookbook), maintainer of a lot of open-sourced libraries including ngx-device-detector, a Google acknowledged expert in Angular (GDE). and an educator followed by 20k+ cool folks on Facebook, 11k+ on LinkedIn, and 15k+ diverse subscribers on YouTube under the “Code with Ahsan” community that promotes free education for all.

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