The Brazilian bank manager who became a Full Stack Developer

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Priscilla Barbosa Rebouças, originally from Recife in eastern Brazil, has a truly inspiring journey. She shifted from her accounting background as a bank manager in Brazil to become a Full Stack Developer in Sweden, and now she is currently working at Ubiquiti.

Priscilla’s interest in programming began when she was introduced to the Pascal programming language. But her real adventure in the tech world started when she moved to Sweden and decided to learn JavaScript.

“Sweden opened up new opportunities for me. When I moved here, I decided to study more about technology, particularly JavaScript.”

Priscilla’s time at SALT’s Career Program was a challenging learning journey right from the start. She was welcomed into her “mob,” a close-knit team eager to explore the complex world of coding. Together, they learned, practiced, and faced various challenges. Each day, they faced a new concept to learn and apply.

“I like to think of coding as a puzzle. We learn a lot of tools from the programming language, and we were constantly challenged to find the best fit in order to solve a problem.“, says Priscilla.

When asked about the highlights of her time at SALT, Priscilla didn’t hesitate – it was the people. Instructors, students in other classes, and her JavaScript class created an environment that encouraged learning and the fearless pursuit of knowledge, even when making mistakes – an essential part of the coding journey.

Of course, every journey has its challenges. Priscilla mentioned the final challenge, a tough task to build an application in just two weeks. This challenge required applying all the knowledge gained during the program and combining the various team ideas. It was a massive undertaking, but the satisfaction of seeing the application come to life made it incredibly rewarding.

“It was one of the most rewarding parts of the program, being able to see the application working in the end.“.

SALT’s focus on mob programming helped Priscilla develop valuable skills. She learned effective communication, the ability to express ideas clearly, and an open-minded approach to problem-solving. It’s proof that collaboration is a crucial aspect of coding.

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