Meet Malin and Fanny, our COBOL-experts

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Meet Fanny and Malin

This week we had the opportunity to talk to our friends Fanny and Malin, our COBOL-instructors at Semstecy.

What is COBOL?

COBOL is a business-oriented programming language that has been around since 1959. It is extensively used in the banking and insurance industries. It typically runs on a system known as a mainframe, excelling in handling a vast number of transactions.

Mainframe, is a powerful machine, and working with it is somewhat different from working on platforms like Windows. It has a resemblance to teletext (text-tv), but modern tools resembling any standard Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can also be utilized.

What does the future look like for a newly graduated COBOL developer?

The future looks promising and bright for newly graduated COBOL developers! Many crucial aspects of our society rely on COBOL and Mainframe, and these are not things that can be replaced overnight. Due to a lack of training, there is a significant demand for resources. Many individuals in the field are older and will soon retire, creating numerous job opportunities for new COBOL enthusiasts 😊

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

Fanny: Being awakened in the middle of the night to solve a challenging problem.

Malin: The most enjoyable part is the variety in the work and problem-solving. 

Working on something that is essential for many people is incredibly enjoyable and exciting. People want access to their bank information regardless of the time of day, leading to exciting situations where collaboration is necessary to get things working as soon as possible.

What does COBOL have to do with dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs and COBOL are both large, strong, cool, and quite old. However, the significant difference is that COBOL is not extinct, as some might claim – is a misconception. Many companies still invest in building new solutions in COBOL and Mainframe that will have a long lifespan. Nowadays, Mainframes are hyper-modern machines and one of the safest environments available.

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