The Real Estate Broker who became a FinTech Developer


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Carl-Fredrik Skönebrant’s journey from Köping to SEB Embedded is a testament to his remarkable transformation. With a passion for video games and a leap into SALT’s Career Program, he now excels in microservices and embedded finance, showing that opportunities can arise from even the quietest of towns.

Carl-Fredrik has worked in different customer service positions in his professional career. And six years before joining SALT, he focused on working in the real estate brokerage industry. Despite the diversity of his career, one constant has been his strong passion for computers and video games, which he developed at the age of four.

“My fascination with technology led me to dabble in C++ during high school, but it wasn’t until I reached my mid-twenties that I embarked on an online frontend course, eventually leading me to SALT,” says Carl-Fredrik.

He describes the time spent at the SALT campus as fantastic, especially when complex ideas suddenly made sense, like a lightbulb turning on in your head.

“I like to think of coding as a puzzle. We learn a lot of tools from the programming language, and we were constantly challenged to find the best fit to solve a problem”.

A transformative part of his journey was learning to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds, both culturally and in terms of industry experience.

“Prior to SALT, I was usually confined to working with people with the same set of mentality and jargon. Adapting was hard but now I am eternally grateful for it,” says Carl-Fredrik.

Today, he’s immersed in the world of microservices at SEB Embedded, focusing on various types of credit assessments in the emerging field of embedded finance. He’s surrounded by approximately 95 percent senior professionals who foster an environment of continuous learning.

“In 5 years, I hope to have reached a senior role or maybe tech/team lead and just keep on learning!”
he concludes.

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