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SALT's process

Step 1

Identify your requirements

What kind of developers do you need? How many? Programming languages, background, personality and any other requests.

Step 2

Get introduced to our developers

Get introduced to handpicked developers from our talent pool suited to your needs. You will then select the candidates, interview them and conduct code tests to verify the match.

Step 3

One-year consultancy period

The Full-Stack Developer, or the mob, will be placed in your organization for one year as a consultant – with full access to SALT’s engineering management.

Step 4

Take over the developer(s)

After one year you can choose to hire the developer directly without additional costs.

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Our cases



eBerry is the technology department of Nordic Choice Hotels (Strawberry), one of the leading hotel chains in the Nordics and Baltics, with over 200 hotels.


Sensys Gatso Group

Sensys Gatso has been a customer of SALT for a year now and has brought in five developers from SALT, three in Sweden and two in the Netherlands.



When Telness came in contact with SALT, the development team consisted of only a handful of developers. Jonas Cedenwing, CTO at Telness, wanted to lay the foundation for his future development team by hiring developers in-house.



With our strong reputation, Klarna has no trouble attracting new developers. The challenge lies in evaluating the candidates' competencies.

Client testimonials

Peter Bergenwald - Engineering director at Klarna

Peter Bergenwald

Engineering Director - Klarna

The developers from SALT outperformed others with similar training.


Tomas Svedman

Engineering Growth Manager - Söderberg & Partners

SALT reviewed our needs, and together we selected suitable candidates whom we met. The candidate who then joined us was the best puzzle piece for the team and also had a background in the finance world.

Pär Degerman - CTO at Sensys Gatso Group AB

Pär Degerman

CTO - Sensys Gatso

SALT’s developers came in and directly started solving problems together in so-called ‘mobs’, demonstrating to everyone else how effective this way of working could be.

Why choose SALT?

SALT's developers are highly skilled, but also make great team members

Our Full-Stack Developers have completed our career program and are skilled in technical and soft skills. They are trained to work in mobs/groups with people of different backgrounds, possessing effective communication and collaboration skills. This allows them to work professionally and creatively with clients, stakeholders, and team members from diverse departments.

We train all our developers to perform great in teams

We highly value social interaction and communication

We equip our developers with technical and presentation skills

Our developers are highly effective from day one

Our developers are from diverse backgrounds

Our developers are working at high profile companies

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SALT is addressing the shortage of technology professionals in Europe by offering accelerated career programs consisting of education and fully paid work experience.

Our passion is to help self-taught coders transition into skilled Full-Stack Developers.

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